The Biggest Loser Diet

This is a classic Establishment Diet with a twist of vegetarianism. It’s a low-calorie diet based on TheBiggest Loser pyramid of 4-3-2-1 (four servings of fruits and veggies; three of lean protein; two of whole grains; and one “extra”), along with good old-fashioned exercise.

Eat a diet based largely on fruits, vegetables and lean protein, add a heavy dose of physical activity and you will lose weight, lower cholesterol, decrease blood pressure, and become stronger and more energized.

Over the course of the 12-week program, expect to eat small, frequent meals containing plenty of fiber and protein, for fullness without too many calories.

The program emphasizes the quality of the calories so followers can meet your nutritional needs [and] enjoy more natural, healthy whole foods and lean proteins. The developer makes the claim that people will be better able to deal with hunger before it happens.

You can also count on daily workouts, starting at 30 minutes and increasing to an hour. The book contains a detailed cardio and strength-training program that increases in intensity for a fat-busting boost.
Exercise and physical activity are part of the program. The insaneness of the Biggest Loser program is that they put the contestants through a rigorous diet and training program that could not be followed in a normal life. This is precisely the reason why so many of the contestants regain all the weight that they lost.

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