Plant-Based, High-Carbohydrate Diets Cause Most Human Diseases

What’s Happening in the Mainstream

The shocking revelation that carbohydrates may be the cause of all of our health problems has hit the mainstream. This message, however, is fraught with all types of misinformation as is the usual stance.

All the talking heads in the media and all the bloggers will check-in with their much mis-guided ideas. Now that fat is exonerated, we can begin the campaign against carbs.

How well will that play-out? Well, there are some key missing points. It was unknown that fat was bad when eaten with carbs. Reduce the carbs and fat was pretty good. The body does not readily store fat as fat when carbs are low, but it gets dragged along when carbs are present in the diet.

The major stumbling block on the acceptance of carbs being bad is that people will fractionate them into good carbs and bad carbs. Of course, the bad ones are those that are refined and the good ones are unrefined. Now, the pundits will invoke the useless Glycemic Index (GI) to help clarify and support their arguments.

Even though the GI is useless and has no physiological significance, few are aware of this fact. So, we will continue to argue over the hazards of refined carbohydrates until the story is known.

Then there is the bashing of fructose vs. glucose. They’re both very nasty actors and fructose converts to body fat very easily and in the absence of insulin as a co-factor in the process. Both fructose and glucose form glycated proteins which are the true cause of all degenerative disesases.

Check out the blog below to see an example of what I’ve written about.

Demonizing of all carbs

Recently saw this on Tim Ferriss’s twitter: “A Reversal on Carbs.” I thought the “reversal” would be an admission that carbs aren’t bad for you after all. I was wrong: it was about how maybe carbs may actually be bad for you (!). …

Publish Date: 12/22/2010 15:31

More Plant-Based Dietary Hoopla

M. D.’s seem to be drawn toward vegetarian zealotry and argue about the health-confering advantages of a plant-based diet. In 1945, Dr. Ellsworth Huntingdon of Yale, wrote a book titled the Mainsprings of Civilization. In this book, he showed that the health of people living on a plant or agricultural-based diet was pitifully unhealthy.

He contrasted the health of those living on agricultural diets vs. the diet of the Masai tribe who subsist on milk, meat, and blood. There was no comparison between the optimal health of the Masai and the wretched health of those subsisting on plant-based diets.

It makes one wonder how these people idealize these diets. Clearly, these medical doctor supporters of the vegetarian or plant-based dietary regimens are clueless as to the optimal diet for humans. Yet, because of the M. D. behind their names, many people believe the nonsense these people promote.

The key feature of recommending a plant-based diet is to get away from the so-called disease-causing animal products of meat and fat which are purported to be so unhealthy for us.

I wonder, now that we are all realizing how dangerous carbs are, how these people will adapt to the new revelations. And then, when people begin to realize what I am teaching about glycated proteins, how will that affect these die-hard zealots.

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