Glucose Metabolism in Aging

All Living Beings Have a Potential Longevity

Under ideal conditions people can live up to their longevity potential without stress or disease and death occurs purely due to aging. The aging process leads to a reduced capacity for responding to stress.

Glucose or blood sugar is one of the primary disease-causing and aging substances. As a society our medical leaders and the government have convinced us that glucose is good for us. Unfortunately, they implicated fat as the dangerous substance and not glucose. This is represented by the Department of Agriculture’s Food Pyramid.

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As I’ve stated before, even in people with normal glucose levels some degree of glycation occurs and the damage caused accumulates slowly over time. Glycated proteins which are considered as biomarkers of aging have been shown to increase five times from infancy to old age.

The accumulation of glycated proteins is slower during normal aging processes but increases rapidly in diseases like diabetes. In a normal, healthy individual there is an age-related increase in fasting glucose levels and a delay in returning to normal after a glucose challenge such as a high carbohydrate diet.

Glycated proteins lead to oxidative stress and to the formation of free radicals which rapidly deteriorates cell membranes. The zealous vegetarians, so defensive of the health-giving qualities of their plant-based diet, have much higher glycation values in their blood plasma than subjects eating a mixed diet. Although vegetarians consume less proteins and saccharides, intake of vegetables and fruit with a predominance of fructose is significantly higher in them.

Fructose formation of glycated proteins is significantly higher than that caused by glucose. A byproduct of the glycation process is the formation of a substance called acetyl aldehyde. It’s well-known that alcohol consumption is cardio-protective because the acetyl aldehyde binds to one of the chemical precursors to the permanent formation of a glycated protein.

Therefore, aging reduces the ability to tolerate glucose exposure and, as such, the ability to prevent damage to body tissues. The overwhelming amount of evidence pointing to sugar as a killer should be a part of all medical practice. People need to take this fact up with their physicians and their politicians because the “healthy” eating recommendations given to the public are disease-causing. Most frightful about this is the failure of our elite experts to know about the process of glycation.

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