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We all love carbohydrates…

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Myself included, but after 50 years of extensive research trying to discover what foods truly enhance our bodies and life expectancy, I cant think of any other way to say it … carbohydrates are poisonous to the human body!

WHAT? I know it sounds outrageous especially since the media, celebrities and even Government recommendations tell you differently. My goal is to present the cold hard FACTSabout carbohydrates and prove what you have been told is WRONG!

In simple terms, their research is seriously flawed and my books provide a detailed analysis as to why. I have been were you are! I was a vegetarian for 3 years hopelessly trying to convince myself that I was being healthy, while the effects on my body were telling a more morbid story.

In the books you will find on this site, you will learn about my life’s work and my own painstaking research and discoveries about nutrition, health and longevity. I will teach you how to control your bodyweight with ease, how to lengthen your life and more importantly, how you can eliminate many of the diseases that we come to expect from living in this world today.

You will never have to hear the word “diet” again! I have carefully outlined a new lifestyle that still includes carbohydrates. Yes! You can eat any type of carb you like as they all turn into pure sugar in your blood stream BUT portion control is the key. You can still have your favorite candy bar as long as you follow my portion recommendations; all of this and more is explained throughout the books.

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bio06Dr, Gregory Ellis has dedicated of 40 years of his life to both scientific an practical research making him one of the Worlds foremost experts on nutrition, health and well being.

Over the last 15 years Greg has also worked with over 1000 autistic children, helping them with cutting edge “BioEnergy Medicine”. Some of them are no longer autistic and others are considerably improved.

In 2011, Greg wrote the groundbreaking book, The Glycation Factor, exposing the real dangers of consuming carbohydrates. Today, Greg maintains a large consultation practice in Pennsylvania in addition to writing and lecturing.